My husband has been getting acupuncture for 2 years now 1-2 times a week. After having a stroke in 2015, I have seen improvements in his strength, he has gotten some piece of mind with the pain but the pain is still “there” because of the stroke & its a long healing process. There has been times where I wasn’t able to touch his left side because of the stroke but it has gotten better; I can see it has worked for him.
— F. Hurst
I would like to commend my acupuncturist, Anne, who I saw today for my treatment. She was attentive and skilled and made me feel most comfortable the entire time I was there. Anne has treated me before for various problems and I am so grateful for her care and understanding. I will surely recommend her to my friends and family.
— M.J. Watkins
Anne has been a miracle worker for me as far as helping to regulate my cycles and provide supportive acupuncture when I went through fertility treatment. Her calm presence alone is healing, but she helped me feel like I had a greater sense of control along the fertility journey- and she was right, it worked! I plan on continuing acupuncture throughout my life for whatever reason because I have had such a positive experience with her. I know she is moving her practice to Ann Arbor- she will be greatly missed!
— M. Rosenblum, Dearborn

Being treated by Anne is more than just needles and pressure points. She is sincere and selfless in her care for me as a client and a person. I am grateful to have her on my side as I continue my recovery from a spinal cord injury.
— Kirk Pedersen

“ I am glad I received acupuncture and Chinese herbs specifically for my fertility issues, because I wanted to take the most natural path available to me to achieve pregnancy. Some fertility doctors rush through appointments and are only looking at gynecological history, so I appreciated my acupunturist’s efforts to look at me as a whole person–sleep habits, nutritional intake, stress levels/emotional well-being–because these factors often affect fertility as well and certainly affected her design of treatment for me. I am no longer receiving acupuncture at this time because I became pregnant within two months of treatments. ”
— T. Clark

“ Since my car accident I have had difficulty with back pain. However my treatments once a week help me to maintain my pain. Working with Anne has given me a lot of relaxation and strength. I am able to walk out the door as good as I can possibly feel promoting a sense of wellness. ”
— A. Timmer