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Here are the latest articles that have come up in the news.  I hope to keep adding to this on just a monthly basis so as not to bombard you with too much information.  Many more can be found on the Eastern Integrative Facebook page.  I know there are many of you who don’t bother with Facebook and for that reason I wanted to do what I could to include them here on the blog page.



Many people have been asking me what cupping is all about.  Here is an article that was written a few weeks ago that can help explain.

“The ancient art of applying suction cups to the body has gotten a boost from several new studies that show it helps relieve a variety of painful conditions….”

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I often use this modality for conditions involving pain but also it really works wonders for certain patients who have fertility issues, fatigue, digestion or even insomnia.  There are many different types of cups that are used.  Some are made out of bamboo and plastic.  The most common ones consist of thick glass that have a rounded body that help absorb suction.  The plastic cups are often used with a vacuum pump handle that are useful for quick application and don’t require a source of fire.  I find that I like using the glass cups the best as the combination of gentle heat and the weight of the material makes for a more pleasant experience.  During the cold months, the additional use of a heat lamp over the cups increases the efficacy of the treatment as well.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

“A large trial of acupuncture for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) has shown that the treatment has significant benefits. British researchers at the University of York, led by Dr Hugh MacPherson, enrolled 233 patients who had suffered from IBS for an average of 13 years…”

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Chronic Pain


“As many as 3 million Americans receive acupuncture treatments, most often for relief of chronic pain. While there appears to be little consensus in the scientific community to its value, a new study in the Archives of Internal Medicine suggests that relief offered by acupuncture is very real and should be considered as a viable option by the medical community …”

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Fatigue in Breast Cancer Patients

“Conclusion; Acupuncture is an effective intervention for managing the symptom of CRF and improving patients’ quality of life…”

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It is amazing to me how much has changed in fifteen years.  With the onset of the internet and the hundredfold increase in media coverage, acupuncture and Chinese medicine has gotten a tremendous boost in publicity.  It is so much more accepted now and very little, if any time is needed to explain what acupuncture is.  It is with great joy that I have observed this as it has taken thousands of years to come to this point and truly the full breadth of my career to see it come this far.  And I am certain that it is only going to get better!

– Anne